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Eastbourne Local History Society

President : Lord Burlington
Founded in 1970
The Society is administered by a committee of voluntary officers and committee members, elected at the Annual General Meeting.
The Fisherman's cottages painted on a calm day at sea

The Eastbourne Local History Society is a charitable, not-for-profit organisation whose object is the pursuit and encouragement of an active interest in the study of the history of Eastbourne and its immediate environs, and the dissemination of research through talks, publications, conducted walks and visits to places of local interest.

The Society has a wealth of local historical images in its archives.

About twelve meetings and events are held each year. Each meeting is addressed by a speaker with local historical knowledge. See our Events page for further details. A journal, the Eastbourne Local Historian is published quarterly to provide a vehicle in which members' research findings are published. It also includes the programme of forthcoming meetings and activities, news, and research enquiries.


Join us as we take a stroll through Eastbourne's past.

Stone Age
Did you know?

Flint hand axes and scrapers have been found on the Downs, together with waste flakes made by the knappers.

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A list of publications of interest regarding Eastbourne's history. From 'The Stream That Gave Eastbourne Its Name' to 'Letters from Wartime Eastbourne' and everything inbetween!

Bronze Age
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Numerous burial mounds exist on the Downland. Exceptional bronze and gold work has been found in the cliffs and a Late Bronze Age lagoon-side settlement exists at Shinewater.

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Meetings are held at:

St Andrew's Parish Hall
425 Seaside
BN22 7RT (along the lane beside the Arlington Arms)

Did you know?

There is reference in the Anglo-Saxon charter to Burne or Bourne. An Anglo-Saxon cemetery overlies the Iron Age settlement on St Anne's Hill where weapons, jewellery, glass and pottery were recovered.

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Eastbourne Local Historian

The Eastbourne Local Historian is the quarterly house journal of the Society which is supplied to all members and is published in March, June, September and December.

The Domesday Book
Did you know?

Eastbourne is recorded with population of 68 villeins and 6 labourers, with 28 ploughlands, a wooden church and Roger the Cleric, about 3360 acres (1000 hectares) in total: one church, one mill and a supply of salt pans.

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Various useful links about Eastbourne's history.

St Mary's Church
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Built in 1160 - 1190, the Parish Church was enlarged in the 14th Century and restored in the mid 19th Century. Many monuments to local families.

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An archived history of Eastbourne.

Martello Towers
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Built as a defence against Napoleonic invasion, the towers extended from Suffolk to Seaford. The Wish Tower is number 73.

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Take a visual journey through Eastbourne's storied past.

The New Bandstand
Did you know?

Built in an Art Deco style at a cost of £29,000. It established a fine tradition of Military band music over the years.

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We welcome new members, and membership of the Society is open to anyone upon payment of the annual subscription, due on 1 January each year. All payments must be made in sterling. The subscription rates are: £12 for a single membership and £18 for 2 people living at the same address and sharing the Journal.

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